Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Did you know that there’s a National Make Your Bed Day, at least according to this list? Actually, a kick in the pants to make the bed makes sense, given that over 55% of readers responded “not very often” and “almost never” to my query about how frequently the bed gets made.

pretty bedroom, white duvet, white quilt, bedroom mix of old and new

When Holiday from Holiday House Rules asked whether or not she should return the West Elm Bull’s Eye Rug, 55% of readers encouraged her to go back to the drawing board, while 45% thought she should keep it.

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And what did Holiday decide to do? Here’s her response: I kept it. It makes me smile and I have no energy (or budget) to find anything else. Personally, I’m glad — I love this rug’s color and playfulness.

laundry room, yellow laundry room, moonlight benjamin moore, benjamin moore moonlight laundry room, yellow benjamin moore laundry room, black and white rug in laundry room, yellow walls black and white rug

In fabric news, I received lots of good feedback on which fabric to adhere to a roller shade in my newly painted laundry room. 39% voted for Marimekko’s Unikko fabric.

kaivo marimekko, black and white fabric, black and white marimekko pattern, fabric for roller shade, fabric for laundry room, fabric to go with black and white rug

Marinmekko Unikko pattern

While I really like this pattern, I fear it might be a bit too dark so I opted for the second most popular choice — the Dandelion pattern — which received 29% of the vote. The roller blind arrived today and the fabric should be here soon. Wish me luck with the DIYing!

white and black fabric, white and black fabric to go with black and white rug, fabric for laundry room, fabric for yellow room, fabric for roller shade

Dandelion pattern

And finally, when I asked what your dream office would look like, “Light Filled” came in first with 31% of the vote. I find this tree house like office pretty dreamy as well, though I wonder if its’ loveliness might make it hard to get much work done in it…

light and bright office, big windows in office, home office, lovely office, pretty office windows

Hope you’re having a good Friday and enjoying ‘The Day the Music Died Day’! (Really, check out this list).

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  1. Uh oh, and I didn’t make my bed today! 🙂

  2. TOday is National wear RED day too?! So many things to remember today! haha
    Come on over to win and ONA camera bag!