My neighbor’s waffle: new trench coat

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When buying an article of clothing in a bright shade, how do you determine the line between a fun color and a fun-house color?  My Wonderful Neighbor (WN) has finally found a trench coat that fits her well, but she’s not sure if she can handle the color it comes in.

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WN explains:

I’ve always wanted a trenchcoat but have never been able to find one petite enough. Usually the huge lapels and flaps overwhelm my small frame.  Now Banana Republic has 2 styles in their petite collection that actually do look, dare I say, good on me.  The Pink Trench in particular fits me really well and looks simple and smart but (it’s a big but) it’s bright pink.  The color is just not me at all – I feel as though I look like I’ve raided my four-year-old’s closet.  I love the style and it fits great but I’m not sure I can live with the color.

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WN has come up with a second option: the Classic Trench.

The fit and proportions of this coat are okay on me, but it’s longer and seems like a heavier look (less ‘spring’) than the pink trench. Maybe a bit staid looking.  I wouldn’t hesitate over the color but don’t love the look of it.

WN is wondering if she should get one of the above coats or wait – and hope they bring out a more muted version of the pink one.

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2 responses

  1. A trench coat is a staple that, once you find one you love, you will wear over and over again forever. It’s worth it to wait for the right one. I worry that the pink one (while I love its boldness) will look dated later and potentially fashion-chasing now.

  2. I adore the pink coat but I know from lots of my own experiences that if you don’t love it you won’t wear it and if you do, you won’t feel fantastic in it:(