Monica’s waffle: powder room faucet

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Do you ever wish an item or space in your house would break so you could replace or renovate it? Monica — creator of the lovely jewelry website idazzle — had to unexpectedly remodel her upstairs bath due to some leaking issues.

duravit second floor sink, floating sink, white sink, powder room sink

Duravit "Second Floor" Sink

Duravit "Darling" toilet, wall mounted toilet, modern toilet, awesome toilet

Duravit "Darling" Toilet

Monica explains:

Since the bathroom is directly over some spaces downstairs that are currently being finished, we decided to completely gut the whole vintage 1951 pink-and-burgundy tiled bath. Because it will function essentially as a powder room, we are going for some drama: envision 24×24 dark, almost metallic, tile on the main sink wall, lovely limestone tiled floor, Duravit “Second Floor” sink mounted on a floating rift-sawn oak vanity, and an in-wall Duravit “Darling” toilet.

Sounds great, right? But Monica can’t decide which faucet to use.

She’s using the Grohe “Essence” Faucet in the lower level bath, but worries it might be too utilitarian for the powder room:

Grohe Essence faucet, modern faucet

Grohe Essence Faucet

Monica’s favorite choice is from the LULU line by Dornbracht. But of course, it’s $$$.

Lulu faucet Dornbracht, modern faucet, faucet for powder room, sleek faucet, pretty faucet, expensive faucet

Dornbracht "LULU" Faucet

Another choice is by Hansgrohe:

Hansgrohe faucet, modern faucet, powder room faucet

Hansgrohe Faucet

And she recently discovered this one, from the IMO line by Dornbracht:

Dornbracht "IMO" faucet, modern faucet, faucet for powder room, lovely faucet sink

Dornbracht "IMO" Faucet

Monica realizes the domino effect of choosing the right faucet.  She points out: The sink faucet is only one decision. But then if you choose the corresponding shower fixtures, etc, then the price tag really escalates. So the sink faucet sets the tone, style and price for the whole room. Help!

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  1. We had one almost like that Essence one at the top. After a while the super skinny handle to turn on the water really bugged me. All the other ones are gorgeous! I voted for the IMO one, because it looks modern, but sturdy.

  2. Right with Andi.

  3. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them!