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A few weeks ago Thai-An presented us with a dress waffle: should she keep or return this Michael Kors’ sequined wrap dress?  66% of readers thought Thai-An should keep the dress, while 34% voted for returning it.

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Here’s what Thai-An said when I checked in with her:

So I would not be a dyed in the wool waffler if I wasn’t still waffling a little bit about the dress. I am leaning towards keeping it though as I really don’t have an “occasion” dress in my closet. With our recent move, baby weight gain/loss, and too many viewings of “What Not to Wear” I have cleared out *significant* amounts of clothing so it’s not like I am in danger of being a hoarder and the dress really does make me happy. Ask me again in 3 months 🙂

Remember Mari’s waffle about how best to incorporate an art/lego/homework area into her family’s kitchen?

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48% of readers thought Mari should purchase two Ikea Expedits with desks so each child could have a storage and work area, while 22% encouraged her to buy two larger Expedits and a central table.

expedit-shelving-unit, white ikea expedit

When I asked Mari what she plans to do, she acknowledged that she’s still doing a fair bit of waffling, but she’s leaning towards the two large Expedit solution. Mari likes the idea of desks, but a large table gives the family the flexibility to eat meals in the kitchen. She’s thinking of heading down to Ikea soon to get inspiration. I think I might ask to tag along…you know, safety in numbers.

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In pouf news, most readers have neutral feelings about this trendy accent piece: 31% love them, 23% hate them, and 46% can take them or leave them.  Some readers commented that they’re “a bit strange looking”, others explained they would love to have one or two in the right color, and reader Brittany admitted that they would “just be another thing the kids jump all over.”  That goes ditto for my kids, Brittany.

When I gushed about the tv show Portlandia, 40% of readers said they also love this show, while 27% think it’s not their cup of tea.  I encourage the rest of you to give it a chance, or at least watch Steve Buscemi in the above clip.  

Have a great weekend!

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