Today’s no-waffle: Jessica Beels’ Jewelry

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When I was in elementary school my older sister, Jessie, had a best friend also named Jessie. This Jessie came to be known in our household as Jessie B.  It wasn’t until I was embarassingly old that I had the epiphany that the B. stood for her last name — I had always assumed her whole first name was Jessie B.

fan pin jessica beels, beaded jewelry, beautiful beaded jewelery

Branch Pin

Well Jessica Beels now hand makes amazingly beautiful jewelry. I mean it’s actually quite ridiculous how lovely her jewelry is. More like works of art. Just look.

Flower Button Necklace Jessica Beels, beaded jewelry,

Flower Button Necklaces

blue triangle earrings jessica beels jewelry

Triangle Earrings

Microscopic Forms, Jessica Beels Jewelery

Microscopic Forms

In addition to beaded jewelry, Beels creates one-of-a-kind pieces from paper.

Dahlia Pendants Jessica Beels jewelry, paper jewelry, pendant, lovely paper pendant

Dahlia Pendants

Flax with Gems earrings jessica beels jewelry

Flax with Gems Earrings

To see more of Beels’ jewelry as well as her paper sculptures and vessels, you can visit her website at Jessica Beels Design.   Thanks for letting me showcase your beautiful jewelry, Jessie B!

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  1. Wow!! Her work is indeed gorgeous!!! The story you told about her name reminded me of Junie B. Jones. 🙂

  2. Wow, this is really lovely jewelry! It’s art, actually. The beads are gorgeous, but the paper and flax are unlike anything else I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot of jewelry–it’s my job). Thanks for sharing!