Rachel’s waffle: new living room furniture

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Rachel knows it is time to retire her almost 20 year old couch and chair, but they’ve been so good to the family: as Rachel explains, these are the spots upon which many beloved folks have sat, slept, laughed and children have jumped, spilled, cried, snuggled and napped.”

Despite their sentimental attachment to this furniture, Rachel and her husband are ready to start pulling together their living room and making it cohesive, the overall theme being “grown-ups live here too.” Tackling this cozy corner might be just the thing to jumpstart their overhaul.

Because there’s a couch on the far side of the living room, Rachel is thinking this corner would be perfect for a corner bench, rug and an extra table to use for art, snacks, homework, puzzles, games, etc.  The picture of this lovely banquette is giving her inspiration:

banquette, beautiful banquette

Rachel likes the idea of Ballard Designs’ Coventry Corner Bench

ballarddesigns coventry bench, bench, red velvet bench, bench for homework artswhich she could put on top of the Dandelion Rug from Company C, a rug she’s been serially bookmarking but worries might be over-the-top

dandelion rug company c, colorful rug, lovely rug, playful rug, whimsical rug, rug for under bench

and then finish the corner off with either Target’s Cottage Dining Table

Target Cottage Dining Table, pedestal table, white table, white pedestal table, arts and crafts homework table

or Pottery Barn’s Cameron Fixed Dining Table

Pottery Barn Cameron Fixed Dining Table, table for bench, table for homework arts and crafts, art table, kids table

So what’s Rachel’s hesitation? First, she’s wondering if this whole bench/rug/table idea is the right direction to go in, and if it is, should she cover the bench in a deep red (a color she loves but might be overwhelming) or a more neutral (though less exciting) fabric that she could brighten with throw pillows. Or should she scrap the whole bench idea and find a great sectional and coffee table? What do you think??

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3 responses

  1. I don’t have an opinion on the furniture but I will say that I think that red can actually function as a neutral color that allows other colors to pop so don’t be afraid of it!

  2. From the photo I can’t fully vision the space. But from what I see – the current sofa on the side of the fireplace looks big there. So, maybe – release the old blue stripe sofa, and place the nicer sofa instead, with a coffe table. I agree with Holiday – small scale sofas in front of the fireplace.

  3. I love her idea for the bench and table. Great use of awkward space! Oh, and if she wants to go further, I think she should get 2 smaller scale sofas (or sofettes) to face each other in front of the fireplace. pull them both out a bit from the walls and have a real conversation area for grownups!