Fantasy waffle: home offices

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My current office is our kitchen counter, so I’ve recently been doing a lot of daydreaming about home offices. What about you? Would your fantasy office…

Have lots of light?

light and bright office, big windows in office, home office, lovely office, pretty office windows

Include pops of bright color?

modern bright office. pink and yellow pops of color, pink and yellow modern office, modern office, bold colors office
Have a clean, fresh look?

clean fresh office

Also work as a living room?

living room/home office, office with big windows, office with extra seating, beautiful home office, built-ins behind desk

Be cozy and tucked away?

glam office, white office, office nook, dressing room, light and bright dressing room

Have a ton of storage and room to spread out?

office with storage, lot of storage big desk, modern office, modern rustic office

Include room for two?

office room for two, great built ins office, two chairs office, light green office, sage office, white shelving office

Or just offer a great view?

office with ocean view, House Beautiful stylish office, office with view of sea

For this poll you can select two of your favorites.

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6 responses

  1. Great inspiration pics- I am designing my home office right now, and I am going by the clean and fresh picture. We obviously have the same tastes, as I like all that you have chosen.

  2. Mostly I’d like more space with less stuff. But since I’m the one generating the stuff, I suppose I can’t complain too much. I got a ginormous glass desk, but I’m still always working on the same 1.5 square feet, since there’s crap everywhere else. Oh well.

  3. I like all the above photos. Mine is off the kitchen. And while it is totally mine, and in many way very convenient, I wish I’ll have a more private location, and keep the clutter away.

  4. sigh…i went from sharing a home office that doubled as a guest room to having my own non-shared home office (that still doubled as a guest room) to a secretary desk in my bedroom. i’ve never been happy with my office, as it’s never been completely mine. if i could totally cater to my wishes, i’d have a nice big desk and a nice comfy chair and a wide open view with lots of natural light and windows, and there’d be a sofa in there too for lazy afternoon naps. dare to dream…