Today’s waffle: making the bed

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My son, Will, asked me the inevitable question last week…

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“Mom, why do I have to make the bed everyday if I’m just going to get into it and mess it up again every night?”  

Did you think his question was going to be about where babies come from?  Actually, I think I did better answering that one a few years back than I did with the bed question.  He just wasn’t buying my response of, “Well, when I walk into a room with a made bed it just makes me feel happy and organized and ready to start the day.”

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It’s true — I just feel better when the bed is made.  Even if I don’t have time to make it in the morning I’ll do it when I come home, even if it’s late in the afternoon.  Then again, I do tend towards the OCD…

What about you?  What’s your relationship to bed-making?

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  1. A made bed definitely makes me feel less crazy. I think it’s akin to clearing clutter. That being said, a perfectly made bed is not going to happen anytime soon so I’m trying to teach kiddo to pull the comforter up and/or fold it down somewhat neatly. I find that on my own bed I like to have the comforter and sheet folded down so that the bed gets aired out each day – does that make sense?

  2. I only make them when company is coming over. And then only M’s if company will be limited to the 2nd floor!

  3. I aspire to make it beautifully (crisp and smooth), however, I am lucky to just get the sheets pulled up in the general direction of the pillows. I look at this as a luxury when the kids are a little older (am I kidding myself?).

  4. I always make my bed, because like you, it just makes me feel better. I haven’t yet started insisting Anika make her bed–right now it feels like one more thing to add to an already hectic morning routine. I feel it is on the horizon though….:)

  5. I’m much like Will, with so much hustle and bustle happening in our mornings I just can’t make it important enough to take the time and make my bed. That being said we do make our bed properly every time the sheets have been washed and when we’re having company (just in case they go in our room) and I do feel better climbing into a freshly made bed.