Thai-An’s waffle: keep or return sequined wrap dress

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Any chance that when Shakespeare wrote “all that glitters is not gold” he was talking about a silver sequined wrap dress? No? Well, Thai-An is the current owner of this one by Michael Kors, and she’s trying to decide whether or not it should stay in her closet.

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Thai-An explains:

I bought this dress for a black tie birthday party right before Christmas. The dress was great: flattering, comfortable, easy to wear/accessorize. What’s the issue then? Well, I find myself asking how many times will I wear this again and do I really need a one-and-done item in my closet? I don’t really lead a black tie lifestyle even if I do live in Los Angeles now and I am pushing 40. Isn’t there an age limit to sequins? I don’t make it a habit of buying something to wear once and then returning it but if Zappos is going to have a 365 day return policy…What say you Waffler readers – keep or return?

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  1. Thai-An,
    Keep the dress! This is a good-looking dress and it’s always great to find one in your closet when you need it. You may not lead a black-tie sort of life, but an occasion will come when you least expect it, and there it will be. You’ve already spent the money, now enjoy it.