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When I started noticing poufs three or four years ago I thought it was going to be a flash-in-the-pan design trend.

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Obviously, I was wrong: poufs are still going strong. There are poufs now in every conceivable color and fabric. Moroccan poufs are quite popular:

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As are knitted poufs. These are from CB2:

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I’ve been seeing a lot of poufs in leather, zig zag patterns and these by Missoni:

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Poufs are often touted as great foot rests
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and extra seating

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but I’ve never actually seen one in someone’s house. My theory is that people buy them more for an added pop of color and texture rather than for functionality, though I could be wrong…

What do you think about poufs? Do you own one? Do you want to? Or are you just ready for this trend to be over?

If you are pro-pouf and would like to make one yourself, click here for a tutorial from So You Think You’re Crafty on how to make these floor poufs:

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8 responses

  1. i can honestly say i’ve never thought ANYTHING about a pouf. i didn’t even know they had a name. i’ve only seen them out and about, and even then, not that frequently. can’t imagine having one in my home….would just be another thing the kids jump all over and eventually destroy. but if i did have them at home, i think they’d have to be in a theme room for me to feel okay with it…like if i had a “middle eastern meditation room” or something like that….i’ll put it right next to my library….dare to dream!

  2. Now that I see them here, I can’t believe that we don’t have at least three in our TV room!

  3. I think they’re a little strange! And I have a hard time seeing how no back support could be comfortable. Still, some are pretty to look at. But I don’t think I’d ever invest.

  4. I love it and would be happy to have one. Especially the Morrocon, with the bold colors – white, pink. It is such a great accent to a room. The right corner and right color – I wish!
    You actually see it only in magazines (have you ever saw it in your friends’ home?), and they are pretty costly, so you will NOT see them everywhere.
    They can go with any style. I love them!

  5. The poor pouf is so over-expeosed. So having one would make me feel like a poser. I particularly dislike the rounded moroccan ones. Square r structured ones I can deal with…but I think those are just called ottomans.

  6. Since I never really encounter them, I have few feelings about them. On the one hand, they’re nice for extra (if uncomfortable) seating, on the other hand, they’re fundamentally silly, unless they’re really hassocks. I do like to see them covered with kilims, but these are few and far between.