Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Remember my waffle about what to put over my mantel?  I was trying to decide whether to use a collection of items from around my house (a large mirror, some black and white photos and a vase of paper flowers) or this lithograph borrowed from a friend.  57% of voters chose the lithograph, with the caveat from some readers that I add chunkier accessories.  The lithograph is staying…the hunt for better accessories is ongoing.

art over mantel, art over fireplace, choosing art for over mantel, black and white art over mantel

In toilet paper news (sorry, the third grader in me had to write that) my waffle about which way you prefer the TP to hang on the spool had a clear winner: over the spool won with 71% of the vote.  Some readers identify themselves as “fanatical” ‘over’ people while others claimed they’re just happy if there’s toilet paper on the roll. Carol from The Design Pages describes herself as a recent ‘over’ convert; she didn’t care about this issue until 2 years ago.  Now it drives her crazy if the toilet paper hangs under.

Toilet paper over the spool, toilet paper over or under debate, toilet paper debate, over or under toilet tissue, pros cons toilet paper over or under

Another clear winner emerged from my waffle about which nightstand to use in Tessa’s room.  I recently bought the Land of Nod Real Simple bed for her room.  It was on sale, but I still am eager to do a very low-cost nightstand.  This Ikea table was in our guest bedroom.

choosing a bedside table, bedside table for kids room, bedside table for girls room, round bedside table, Ikea bedside table, Ikea beside table for girls room

75% of voters liked my idea of putting some fabric over the table and making a ribbon skirt around it as in the image below:

skirted table, skirted table with ribbons, ribbon garland, ribbon garland etsy shop, a to zebra celebrations

I think Tessa will love it, though I don’t want it to look over-the-top princessy. The girl already begs to wear her tiara to bed…

Have a wonderful weekend!


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