Today’s no-waffle: 3 great holiday songs

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I’m always impressed by employees who work in stores playing endless loops of holiday muzak from Thanksgiving to New Year’s — how do they not go nuts? For today’s no-waffle I am offering three non-traditional holiday songs for your listening pleasure

First up is Christmas Wrapping, by the Waitresses. Yes, it was recorded in 1981, but it’s great. I chose the “karoke” version so you can read the lyrics.

My sister introduced me to Dar Williams many years ago. The Christians and the Pagans is one of my favorites songs by her.

How could I not include Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song? Classic.

I hope you enjoyed at least one of these songs.  What are your favorite holiday songs?

2 responses

  1. All three are GRRREAT songs! 🙂

  2. Baby It’s Cold Outside is my all time favourite!