Jessica’s fantasy waffle: dream library

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When Jessica from Shhh…Mommy’s Blogging sent me this fantasy waffle about libraries I wasn’t surprised — after all, she’s a true book lover.  Check out her wonderful blog to read some great book reviews and the ambitious book challenges she sets for herself.

Jessica writes:

Lately I’ve been preoccupied with my dream home. It may be that my three person family is starting to outgrow our tiny 750 sq foot condo, but I’ve been pining more and more for space and privacy. Add to that my new obsession for Pinterest and you’ve got a recipe for fantasizing. Being the bibliophile I am, the hardest decision in creating my dream home is choosing the perfect library. Each time I see one I think is perfect another equally beautiful option presents itself.

The Classic Library.  Jessica writes, I can definitely see myself sitting at the desk writing articles and looking out the window.

library, classic library, leather library, beautiful library, traditional library, room of bookshelves, bookshelves library

The Cozy Library.  I love the big comfy chairs and low bookcases and the glow created by the wood paneling and lamps, Jessica raves. This feels like the perfect place to curl up with a book, a blanket and a big cup of tea.

cozy library, high ceilings library, interior design library, decorating library, chandelier in library

The Contemporary Library.  Jessica explains, The natural light and comfy couches are so inviting and I can definitely see my husband and I laying down and reading here after our son goes to bed.

contemporary library, huge couch, modern library, steel stairs, steel stairs library, lounge library, decor library

Jessica loves all of these libraries, but what about you?  Which library would you like to curl up in with a good book?

What have you been waffling about lately?  I’d love to hear about it! To get in touch, just click on the button below.

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  1. A library is truly something to fantasize about!

  2. I love the classic library the best but you would need to have the right house for it so I am opting for the cozy library.

  3. LOVE THIS FANTASY WAFFLE!!! that’s my one criteria for my dream house: a library. a friend of mine bought a foreclosure last year with a perfect spot for a library, but she uses it as a formal living room instead. when she was remodeling, she had to keep reminding me that it was HER dream house, not mine!!! but when i finally get it, i’m going dark wood, heavy metal or stone bookends, comfy leather furniture, fireplace, task lighting, large rug, and maybe a chess set, even though i don’t play. it’s all planned out in my head….now just to plan out the funding!!!

  4. You’re making me think about libraries for my house. Hmmm, another project might be on the horizon:)