My waffle: Nightstand for Tessa’s room

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I did it. I bought the Land of Nod Simple Bed. I had been waffling between the Simple Bed and finding or making an upholstered headboard, but this sentence helped me make my decision: 15% off and free shipping. Yep, I’m a sucker for a sale.

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When the bed was all set-up Tessa came into her room and shouted “I love it! I love it! I love it!”  I had been a bit nervous about her reaction because when I initially showed Tessa pictures of the Simple Bed and an upholstered headboard and asked her which one she liked best, her reply was, “I really just want a mini pillow pet.”

So now the issue is a nightstand.  I’d like to use or repurpose items I already have rather than spend more money on a new piece of furniture.  Here are some ideas:

Option 1 is the tall nightstand we bought nine years ago when Will was a baby (sniff, sniff).

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My main problem with this nightstand is how tall it is — almost as high as the headboard. This means the view of the bed is blocked when you first enter the room (see below). There’s also a lot of white furniture going on in the room. Option 2 is to paint the nightstand a happy color.

tall nightstand, nightstand blocking bed, kids' nightstand, girls room, girls nightstand

Option 3 is this pretty oak bedside table which currently lives in the guest bedroom. It’s a much better height than the previous choice, but it’s too dark as is so I would have to paint it.  On the other hand, it does seem a bit sacrilegious to paint over such nice wood…

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Option 4 is this Ikea table.  I like how the roundness breaks up all of the straight lines and rectangles in Tessa’s bedroom.  However, I hate its 3-pronged, ultra thin legs. It just looks cheap (which it was).  But I have a wacky idea.

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I recently discovered this ribbon garland from A to Zebra Celebrations.  I’m not usually a table-skirt kind of girl, but this one just seems so pretty and whimsical. What if I tried to replicate something like that around the Ikea table?  It would hide the ugly legs and provide some more texture and color for the room.  Or it might be completely tacky.

skirted table, skirted table with ribbons, ribbon garland, ribbon garland etsy shop, a to zebra celebrations

To get an idea of what a skirt might look like, I grabbed one of Tessa’s dress-up costumes and positioned it on the nightstand with the green bin. Tessa would probably love something like this with ribbons if I could pull it off. The key word here being “if.”

skirted nightstand

So which of these low or no-cost nightstand ideas do you like the best?

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  1. I’d do maybe a layered sheer or iridescent skirt…very princess-y!

  2. I love the ribbon skirt idea too! I think it would be perfect for a young girl’s room.

  3. I think all that blank space on the wall could totally benefit from something bold. I made a ruffled skirt for a table which could also work. I’ll send you a link. BTW, my daughter has the same duvet cover in lavender (Pottery Barn, right?)

    • Oh, I totally waffled between the green and the lavender (Pottery Barn) duvet 🙂 I’d love to see the link to the skirt you made. And you’re right — the wall needs a whole lot of something.

  4. we can help you with the ribbon skirt!

  5. Someone on etsy could make the ribbon skirt for you if you are not a sewing type!