today’s waffle: toilet paper over or under?

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I think I’ve gone over to the dark side.  I may need a 12 step program.  Someone is this house who shall remain nameless (Ken says it was me, I say it was him) put the toilet paper in our main floor half bath so it unwinds under the spool rather than over it.  And it…didn’t bother me.  In fact, I kind of like how tidy it looks with the end hidden.  I’ve always been a pretty die-hard over the spool fan, so this is kind of rocking my world.

Now stop mocking me.  Just stop it right now.  This is serious stuff.  The toilet paper over or under debate is the topic of many (seriously, many) academic studies.  Our preference for over or under may be an indicator of our personality, economic status, design aesthetic, and whether we own a cat (too tempting for felines when it hangs over).  Ann Landers said that the toilet paper question was the most controversial issue in her column’s history.

Over the spool:

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Or under the spool:

Toilet paper under the spool, toilet paper over or under debate, toilet paper debate, over or under toilet tissue, pros cons toilet paper over or under

So what about you?  Admit it, you have a preference.

Alright, I’m betting you haven’t been waffling about toilet paper these days. But if you are having a tough time making a choice about something, click on the button below to send me a waffle and get help.

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  1. i’m such a fanatic about this that i have literally been known to switch it if i see an under. it’s just not right that way….millions of hotel maids cannot be wrong….they’re professionally trained!

  2. It is so much easier when it is over the spool! However, as long as there is toilet paper there, and I don’t have to send someone on the embarrassing errand to get me toilet paper–I’m happy as a clam!

  3. So funny!!! I never cared less about this until about 2 years ago and then all of a sudden I went to the over side. Now it drives me insane if someone puts it under.

  4. I’m definitely an over person and have even been tempted to fold the first piece into a triangle when I know we’re having guests over. I can usually stop myself but seriously, what does THAT say about me?!

  5. So, I absolutely don’t care about this and had never thought about it in my life, and somehow managed to always hung the roll under. Which drove my husband–a dyed-in-the-wool over hanger–crazy, since 1) he cared, and 2) I didn’t care or pay attention, and 3) yet somehow I always managed to hang it so it unrolled under. For what it’s worth, I agree with you that under is neater. And I’m trying to pay attention now and hang it for the one person who cares. But if I forget to pay attention, it’s always under.