Waffler wrap-up: poll results

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Remember when Sarah asked our advice about choosing a stylish, yet child-friendly area rug for her living room?

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It seems like readers wanted to inject some color into Sarah’s living room because the All Square Flor tiles in purple won with 40% of the vote.

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Here’s what Sarah plans to do:

We are most likely getting the purple flor tiles, but they are on backorder so we have to wait. In the meantime, we have arranged our living room for our ginormous tree that did not look so big on the tree farm. We may stick with this current layout which of course changes everything for rugs. We’ll see after the holidays. For now we are sticking with the ever-colorful ABC floor mat.

Like me, Cloy needs some guidance about what to do with the space over her mantel (you can vote on my own mantel waffle here).  Voters agreed that a large, horizontal piece or a large, round piece would work better than the two smaller photographs Cloy had up.  She loved the reclaimed wood piece I found by moderntextures.   Apparently someone else loved it, too, because I just checked and it has been sold 😦

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Here’s Cloy’s response:

I like the idea of a large rectangular piece that is one of a kind because it fits the room well.  Picking the right large piece will take time. In the meantime I think I will have to stick with flowers as no one seemed to like the photographs. Thanks for your help!

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Tim Gunn

In a special holiday fantasy waffle I asked readers to choose a celebrity to invite to their Thanksgiving meal. Poor Kate Winslet didn’t receive any votes and J.K. Rowling only got one. The most popular guests were George Clooney, Lady Gaga and Oprah, but I am pleased to announce that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn received the most. And why not? As Chessie commented, he’s “unfailingly polite and charming. The perfect guest!”

I’ll sign off with a video clip for all of you Tim Gunn fans. Warning: you may have to be a die-hard Project Runway fan to enjoy this video of Santino imitating him.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tim Gunn really would make the best dinner guest. Love him.