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Like many parents, after I put the kids to bed I need to unwind. Sometimes I read a book. Sometimes I watch a tv show. And sometimes I spend an hour trolling Pinterest for good pins.  Are some of you nodding in agreement? Are some of you wondering if “good pin” is code for some sort of mood enhancement pill?

Pinterest screen shot

Pinterest is actually a virtual pinboard. It’s a website that allows you to “pin” images of things you love to boards organized by topics. Say you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen. As you find images of kitchens you like you could pin them onto your Kitchen board to get inspiration.

kitchen, pinterest

Lots of people rave about using Pinterest to organize recipes. Others use it to find crafts, travel and garden ideas, fashion, jewelry, and pretty much anything you can think of. At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of pins available, but I calmed down when I realized it was really just a more organized bookmark tool. I started with a board of my favorite pieces of furniture and interior images, like this:

Pinterest, image of staircase and cubbies, built in cubbies on staircase, storage staircase, kids stuff staircase, cool staircase

and this:
Pinterest image, green cupboard, green and yellow interior, using fruit as decoration

Then I moved on to house exteriors and ideas for redoing our basement, which is very much in the “before” stage. How cool would this set-up be on a rainy day?

Basement playroom

Right now I’m collecting ideas for Tessa’s room and our entryway from the garage. I don’t think I would actually use this coat hook idea (drawer knobs painted different colors) but you’ve got to hand it to Martha, she knows how to make things look pretty.

pinterest, entryway, entryway idea, martha stewart entryway idea,, organizing entryway, coat hooks, cool coat hook idea, drawer knobs as coat hooks

If you want to see more of my pins, just click on the Follow My Pins button on the sidebar of this website; if you’re already a member, find me under mollythewaffler. It’s an invitation only site but you can play around on Pinterest without getting an account, or just email me for a direct invite.

So what about you? Are you a Pinterest fan, foe, or virgin?

What are you waffling about these days? Whether it’s fashion or furniture, I would love to hear about it. Click on the button below to send me a waffle and get help.

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