My waffle: paint color for the laundry room

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I have a theory that choosing a paint color is like dating.  Some colors are waaay too aggressive and egocentric: “Hi, I’m red!  I’m really, really red.  Did I mention I’m red?” Other colors, like potential mates, seem promising, but are actually kind of dull when you get to know them.  Then there are the Big Men on Campus — highly in demand and totally trendy, lots of gals love them…but will you tire of him in a few years?

For my laundry room, I’m looking for the Ken of paint colors: comforting, enduring and cheerful, just like my husband (cue the awwws….or the gagging).

Here’s my laundry room in need of some TLC:

Laundry room, room in need of paint,

I’m thinking blue, but whether it should be a gray-blue, a green-blue, a light or dark blue…that’s where the waffling begins.

Option 1 is Benjamin Moore’s Blue Wythe, a greeny-blue:

Blue Wythe Benjamin Moore, Benjamin Moore's color of the year, 2011 color of the year

benjamin moore blue wyeth, house of turquoise, benjamin moore color of the 2011, spa-like paint color, soothing blue color, calming paint color, popular benjamin moore blue, popular paint color

Option 2 is Benjamin Moore’s Porcelain Blue, which has some gray in it:

Benjamin Moore porcelain blue

porcelain blue

Option 3 is Benjamin Moore’s Labrador Blue, made popular by the tv show Modern Family:

Labrador Blue Benjamin Moore, blue paint modern family, blue used in modern family, blue paint dunphey house, popular blue paint color

Dunphy Home, Labrador Blue Benjamin Moore, blue paint modern family

Labrador Blue, Dunphy House, benjamin moore, blue paint in modern family

Option 4 is Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Haze, which has a touch of gray:

Harbor Haze benjamin moore, blue with touch of gray, gray blue paint

Harbor Haze benjamin moore, blue with touch of gray, gray blue paint

Option 5 is Benjamin Moore’s In Your Eyes, a pale, cool blue.  It’s similar to Ocean Cliffs, the Kelly Moore color in our half-bath:

In Your Eyes, Benjamin Moore, pale blue paint, cool blue paint, light blue paint, happy blue paint

In Your Eyes, Benjamin Moore, pale blue paint, cool blue paint, light blue paint, happy blue paint

And finally, option 6 is Benjamin Moore’s Blue Seafoam, which is more of an aqua:

Blue Seafoam Benjamin Moore, aqua,

Blue Seafoam, Benjamin Moore, designer ruthie sommers, long island entryway, blue foyer, blue entryway

So there you have it: six potential mates for my laundry room. Which one do you like the best?

Are you struggling with paint colors? Whether it’s fashion or furniture, click on the button below to send a waffle and get help.


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  1. yellow? really? if you’re going to go in that direction how about a bright orange instead? yellow is so….i don’t know….creamy, i guess.
    i like harbor haze because the greeny blues and the grey blues strike me as a little institutional, which, paired with laundry, makes me think of prison. just sayin’…

  2. I voted for Wythe Blue, as i actually had that EXACT color in my master bath at our previous house. It was lovely–dark enough to be interesting, but not overpowering, and very richly pigmented so it had a lot of depth to it. On the walls, it felt sophisticated spa-ish.

    BUT, I agree that maybe you are going down a monochromatic path. I just did my current laundry room in a pretty bright aqua blue similar to the last option, and i love it. It’s pretty cheerful and not boring at all.

    I’m not sure I can get behind the yellow. Not a yellow fan to begin with, and it’s REALLY hard to get yellow right. I have seen some room that went for “butter” and ended up more like “Big Bird”. Talk about waffling–you would have to devote multiple posts to choosing a yellow.

    • I think I may have to have a paint off between Wyeth Blue and a good yellow…though I agree, finding a “good yellow” might be tricky.

      • The last time I went to BM with Tessa I realized (when we got home) that she had taken about 60 of those paint chips. I think this time I’ll go solo.

  3. It kind of depends on what the rest of your house looks like, but based on color alone, I would do either #1 or #5. They’re all really pretty though!

    • I realized after I had posted that it would have been good to at least give people an image of the hallway the laundry room is off of (kind of a creamy tan). I am also digging Blue Wyeth…but others keep suggesting yellow. Argh!

  4. I’m really terrible at picking out colors. I see that I’m the only one that voted for “In your eyes”. Don’t listen to me!!

  5. I agree with a yellow which is not usually my color choice at all. I think it would be nice to have a change of color from a bluish. And you may think about painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. With a pale yellow you could still add a pretty decal. My favorites are at blik:

    • Thanks for the tip about whatisblik — lots of good decals I am considering for Tessa’s room. I also like their pattern wall tiles, which I hadn’t seen before. As for yellow, it’s not my favorite but maybe it’s worth a shot…or at least a paint swatch up on the wall.

  6. I voted for the porcelain, but like the Labrador as well. But I agree that yellow might b a good choice as well. You need to break free of the Meltsner “everything must be blueish greenish or greenish bluish” chokehold. Yellow is great for small spaces. I love my little yellow bathroom off the kitchen. It makes me cheerful just to go in, and when do you need cheering more than when staring down a basket of damp laundry?

    • What is the name of the yellow you used?

      • I would go for something a bit paler than I used. The bathroom is SO small that it can stand a bit more intensity than your laundry could. I’ll go look.

      • Oh, and your best bet might be to go to Benj Moore and get some of the cupfulls of paint that you can buy for a couple of dollars. Painting a 2×2 foot square on the wall tells you a whole lot more than those tiny chips!

  7. Harbor Haze is the mama bear of the colors you’ve selected… not too dark (for a small-ish laundry room) and not too pale either. I think it will look nice with the white cabinets and appliances. It will also allow you some diversity in picking other accent colors. Good luck with it. Like your blog too, btw. 🙂

  8. My mom says “Above all, don’t paint the cabinets-keep them brilliant white!”

  9. I just want to say the “Ken” of paint colors is probably also highly-in-demand (though spoken for) in addition to comforting, enduring, and cheerful. The two are not mutually exclusive. Just saying.

  10. I’m not for any of the colors, either too much like what you have or too Seattle gray. If you want to get involved in painting, which I think will be a tough job, how about a pale yellow? Yellow for cheerfulness, pale for not being too much of a contrast to your other walls. Or, if you chose not to paint, hang some of the kids best efforts on bright mats in the kind of frames that make it easy to change the pictures. Bright, personal, easy and able to grow with the kids.