Today’s waffle: area rug for sarah

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Do you think tens of thousands of years ago cave women used to turn to their cave partners and say, “Honey, I’m so sick of all the kids’ stuff. Can’t our cave be stylish and kid-friendly?”

Okay, maybe not. But Sarah and her husband — parents to a four-year-old and 6-month-old — are struggling with this question as they search for an area rug for their living room, the place where their kids play the most (see above). More specifically, they are trying to decide whether to get an area rug they love, knowing it will get yucky from baby-ness or find something they are less thrilled by but will hold up well. And then there’s the problem of color. Sarah explains,

too light and it will look dirty, but not too dark since we have dark furniture. Or should we go with a crazy color? We’re not afraid of color by any means, but we  don’t want a fun house theme.”

Here are Sarah’s choices:

1. The Lourdes-Sanchez Bulls-Eye  8 ft square rug in clay from West Elm.

Lourdes-Sancez bulls eye rug West Elm, west elm rug, child friendly rug, mod style rug,2. The Sketched Squares Rug from West Elm:

West Elm Sketched Squares rug, rug that hides dirt, modern rug, kid-friendly rug

3.  All Square Flor Tiles in Purple (their kitchen is the green chartreuse color of the chairs):

all square flor tiles, all square flor tiles purple, purple flor tiles, decorating with flor tiles

4.  Two of Hue Flor tiles in Fog:

Two of Hue Flor Tiles, Two of Hue Flor Tiles in fog, decorating with flor tiles, child friendly flor tiles, child friendly flor tiles

5. A rug you think would work well.

So what do you think? Which rug works best in Sarah’s living room?

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10 responses

  1. Andre Spottieottiedopaliscious

    Frauline McBeaverstaucen-
    More like potty barn.

    If I were you, I’d invest in a larger garbage can. It looks like the one in the photos is overflowing. Just try to find one that won’t clash too much with the purple rug.

    Greetings from the north.

  2. Hi sarah! Love this waffling thing. Torn between what I picked and the purple. Happy thanksgiving to you guys. Xoxo

  3. #1 would look fantastic in that room.

  4. I like the Flor tiles, either in purple or in lime (too much lime with the kitchen)?
    If you do purple, I think you need to add some purple accents to the room, maybe some new pillows?
    I like rug #1, but know that it would get trashed at our house 🙂

  5. Annastacia McBeaverstaucen

    purple. I feel like MAYBE the photos are really dark but that’s not the total reality of the space. The area needs a ballsy punch of color or else it’ll runs the risk of turning into a safe neutral pottery Barn living room.

  6. I like #1 as well. It would look great with the wood floor and the polka dot pillows.

  7. #1, that room needs light and a focal point. As for kids – just don’t allow food in the room and plan on getting it steam cleaned every few years. Don’t make the room safe for kids, make the kids safe for any room.

    Oh, and what is that hanging lamp hanging over? Was there a table there at one point?

  8. I love them all but I think the flor tiles are so practical for homes with kids. If there’s a spill, just replace. Easy and fantastic!