Today’s waffle: Cloy’s mantel

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When my kids were newborns the biggest waffle my brain could handle was whether to wear pajama bottoms or sweat pants, so I’ve got to hand it to Cloy. She and her husband have a new house, a new baby and a three year old, and she’s able to think about what to put over her mantel.

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Here’s the situation: Cloy’s house has a back wall that is windows from the horizontal midline up (see above). She usually places a large vase full of flowers on the mantel but has not been out and about getting fresh flowers with a new baby.

Cloy currently has two glass framed photos there. She is now wondering whether she should go back to buying fresh flowers, hang up both photos, or find something else to put above the mantel.

mantelpiece, wall of windows, decorating a mantelpiece, decorating a mantel, decorating wall with windows

Although she didn’t request it, I did a little digging in search of more options. Here’s what I came up with:

A set of 6 or 9 separate, smaller images that share a common theme or color, something like this

Classical Symtmetry, Set of 6, Crate and Barrel, Crate and Barrel art, art over the fireplace

or this.

Botanical art, set of 9 prints, set of 9 botanical prints, 9 prints over the mantel, 9 prints over the fireplace

Or Cloy could find one large, horizontal piece of art to balance the 2 stories of windows, maybe something like the print over this bureau.

etsy art, art above mantel, prints above mantel

Another idea is to go with a less traditional material. Perhaps a great Marimekko print stretched tight like this

Joika kit, decorating with fabric, marimekkp fabric over mantel, marimekko fabric kit

or a large, square piece made from reclaimed wood, like this.

reclaimed wood art, etsy, reclaimed wood art over mantel, wood art over fireplace, decorating with reclaimed wood

Finally, I thought I should add something round into the mix to break up all those straight lines.   Perhaps this mirror?

adrianna mirror, ballard designs, mirror over mantel, decorating with mirrors

Art is personal and there is so much to choose from. With that in mind, let’s think about what shape would work best in this space. For this poll you can choose your top 2 options.

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