Today’s waffle: Galit’s hallway

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When Galit and her family moved into their current house five years ago, she didn’t know what to do with the large front hallway so she used various pieces from her old house just to fill up the space.  Five years later, Galit is still stumped by the hallway.

Galit's hallway, view from the front door

Galit's hallway, facing the front door

She says, “I have this huge hallway that I’m trying to make more welcoming and homey.  I don’t want it to feel like this cavernous place when guests come in the hall.”  

Galit has a long list of projects for the hallway — buy new rugs, get rid of the country style mirror and small table, and possibly paint the walls — but she wants to start with a really great console or cabinet to replace the bench on the right.  The wall there is 70″ long and over 9 feet tall.  She would love some storage, but most of all Galit wants a piece that is the right scale and helps create a more pleasant hallway.

Here are her choices for the wall where the bench is currently:

Galit likes the warm color and storage that the Rojo 46″ Media Storage Cabinet offers but wonders if it is too small.  She would put a painting or a large round mirror over it.

Crate and Barrel Rojo Media 46" Cabinet, hallway storage, red cabinet, Crate and Barrel hallway cabinet, deocrating the hallway, hallway furniture, hallway storage

She also likes the Rojo Tall Cabinet, which is 54″ wide and 82″ tall.  It’s only 16″ deep, but Galit doesn’t want to block too much of the view from the doorway.

Crate and Barrel Rojo Tall Cabinet, Crate and Barrel bookcase, Crate and barrel cabinet, glass door bookcase, glass door cabinet, painted wood bookcase, painted wood cabinet

Galit likes the warm wood tones of  The Kavari 3-Door Cabinet, but again wonders if it will look too bulky.

Crate and Barrel Kavari 3-Door Cabinet, Storage Cabinet, Crate and Barrel Storage Cabinet, Cabinet for hallway, storage cabinet for hallway

Galit finds the simple clean lines and wood tones of the Marin Console Table appealing. It is is 60″ long.

Crate and Barrel Marin Console Table, Crate and Barrel Console table, console table, wood console table, 60" console table, hallway console table, wood console tableThe Kitaro 3-Drawer Console Table also appeals to her.

Kitaro 3-Drawer Console Table, Console table, hall console table, asian console table, Room and Board console table, storage console table

Galit’s final choice is the Antoinette Sideboard, which is 36″ high, 63″ wide and comes in a variety of paint and wood finishes.  She is thinking walnut, but is not ruling out any of the colors.

Ballard Designs Antoinette Sideboard, Sideboard, Painted wood sideboard, sideboard for hallway, hallway storage cabinet, hallway storage sideboard, Ballard Designs storage

Galit has some terrific choices.  Which one do you think she should go for?

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  1. Galit, they are all gorgeous, but if you are trying to evoke a warm feeling without too much bulk, I’d go for the Antoinette or something similar. It has a welcoming appearance, but also looks nice and sturdy. Also, those cabinets will come in handy to hide all manner of clutter. Boy, do I love cabinets without glass in the doors!!

  2. Mardene Abarbanell

    after looking back at the photos I realized that the wall color is closer to ‘sand’ than yellow. I think the color is being influenced by the light source (something to keep in mind when making final decisions). I would be interested to know what color she would like to see either dominate all of her choices, or if her color choice for the walls would be a strictly background element. I would guess, but I’d like to hear it from her extemporaneously.

  3. Mardene Abarbanell

    If what she really likes are the cool, clean lines of contemporary Danish styling, which by looking at the entry as it stands now, appears to be the case, then she should do some on line research to get ideas for that styling. She has large empty, spaces on the walls, she needs art. The color is rich and buttery, warm and welcoming; but her thinking about wanting to repaint is also a clue about her innate taste.

  4. please no walnut!
    and no full size cabinet – it is a narrow space and a big piece will look unproportional.