Today’s no-waffle: KEVA planks

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How annoyed would you be if I used the words “present” or “holiday season” in a sentence?  Is it too early to hear those kind of words? Would you rather I discuss some other topic because- I-haven’t-even-gotten-through-Thanksgiving-thank-you-very-much? You’re right.  It is too early. But here’s my plan:  for the next 6 weeks or so, let’s pool together some great gift ideas — items that are big on quality and longevity — and help each other through the hell that is holiday shopping.

I’ll go first.  This one is GREAT for kids of pretty much any age over three or four: KEVA planks., keva planks, wooden toy, construction toy, building toy, imagination toy

KEVA planks are identically cut, maple planks, about three-fourths of an inch wide by four-and-a-half inch long.  These wooden planks are about as low-tech as you can get.  There’s no plastic, no glue, no connector gizmo, just lots of wooden planks.

Despite (or maybe because of) how simple they are, my kids love building things with them: towers, bridges, castles for lego people, hotels for princesses, airplanes, boats, forts, and mostly just creations from their own imagination., keva planks, wooden toy, construction toy, building toy, imagination toy

Will says he loves KEVA blocks “because you can make really, really sophisticated structures with them.”  I first bought these for Will when he was five years old.  Four years later he’s still having fun with them., keva planks, wooden toy, construction toy, building toy, imagination toy

Here Tessa is making a fairy house. She often integrates other toys and dolls into her KEVA plank structures. In case you’re interested, the fairies’ names are Bestella and Mustella.

So there you have it. One long-lasting, high-quality toy for a niece, nephew, son, daughter, or grandchild.

Now it’s your turn: what is one of the all-time-best presents you have ever given or received??? I find buying presents for men especially tricky, so bonus points for sending in great guy gift ideas. Click on the button to let me know.

PS — KEVA planks are made in America and slightly less expensive than KAPLA blocks, which are made of pine.  Whichever company you choose, my advice is to start with 100 and buy more if the kids love them.  Which they will.

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  1. My daughter put the “shake weight” on her christmas list. if you’ve never heard of it, google it and then feel pity for me as my six-year-old grows into a young woman. *horrified*