Waffler wrap-up: poll results

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Remember the post about my living room mantel?  Most of you thought that I needed more than just a mirror and vase up there.  Option 3 received 46% of the vote while option 4 received 42%. And I chose…Option 3.

Option 3

I love Holiday’s suggestion about painting the mirror a bright color, though it may take me a while to choose one. I know, shocker.

When Mari wrote in about whether or not to take her kids trick-or-treating, 96% of the voters encouraged her do it. Readers offered some great suggestions about how to get rid of the extra loot, such as donating it to the “sugar fairy” or “switch witch.”

Halloween bags, Halloween crafts, Halloween candy, felt crafts

I spoke to Mari the day after Halloween and you might be surprised by what she said: “We went trick or treating in a neighborhood where they go all out for Halloween. Many of the houses are totally decorated, tons of kids, even the adults are in costume, and good candy. So instead of fighting it I just dove in and did it, but honestly it was a last minute decision and I waffled until the end!! The kids will get to keep their candy, but some may mysteriously disappear in the middle of the night…”

As for my post raving about the yuminess of Fage greek yogurt, 66% of the voters agreed with me and love it, while 20% had never tried it. Never tried it? What are you waiting for? Scoot! Get thee to a grocery store and give it a try.

Fage Greek Yogurt, yogurt, healthy food

In fantasy kitchen news, the light-filled kitchen in Somethings’s Gotta Give was the winner with 67%. As I was doing research for this post, I learned that this kitchen — unsurprisingly — sparked a huge copycat trend among homebuilders and remodelers.

Here’s a kitchen designed by James Radin, the interior decorator who helped design the Diane Keaton character’s beach house. I love how light and airy it is…but could you really cook in that kitchen? I would be scared to get it dirty. And by “scared to get it dirty” I mean “I’m not a big fan of cooking and any excuse not to do it sounds good to me.”

James Radin, House Beautiful, kitchen, kitchen based on Something's Gotta Give kitchen, interior designers

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  1. I am totally with you. I would be afraid to cook here because it’s way too beautiful to mess up!!

  2. I would teach baking in this fantastic kitchen!!! Love it…