Lucy’s waffle: dorm room rug

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My niece, Lucy, is a peach.  Smart, funny, attractive, nice to my kids, an all around great six-year-old.  Except that’s she’s not six anymore. She’s nineteen.  I’m just having a little trouble accepting how old she’s gotten, because that makes me….oh forget it.

In addition to a fondness for dark chocolate and making lists, Lucy and I share the waffling gene. And like me, Lucy has been waffling about rugs.  More specifically, she wants a 4 x 6 rug for her dorm room. The rug should be soft enough for visiting friends to sit on, but durable enough to withstand lots of foot traffic, spilled sodas, and endless bowls of Ramen noodles.

Lucy’s top 3 rug choices are from Dash and Albert, a website I often visit to ogle rugs.

The first rug — Marina Stripe — is made out of polypropylene and can be cleaned with a hose. The last two rugs are made of 100% cotton and should be dry cleaned. Marina Stripe has the advantage of easy cleaning, but the cotton rugs might be more comfortable.

Option #1: Marina Stripe (polypropylene)

Dash and Albert, Marina stripe rug, decor, interior design, design dilemma, rugs

Option 2: Tangerine Dream (cotton)

Dash and Albert, Tangerine Dreams stripe rug, decor, interior design, design dilemma, rugs

Option #3: Nantucket (cotton), Nantucket rug, cotton rugs, decor, interior design, design dilemma

Easy-cleaning vs. comfort? Which rug do you think Lucy should get?

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