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Remember Monica’s waffle about which chandelier to install in her updated dining room? The favorites at the polls were the 14.14 by Bocci with 32% of the vote, followed by Moooi’s Raimond chandelier, with 21%.  Which one did she choose? I’ll let her explain: “After a fair amount of waffling, I ended up choosing the Bocci 14.14. There are some really great lighting options out there, but I really love this design. The feeling of the suspended pendants, like little fireflies or floating candles, will be a beautiful addition to our dining room. The votes on the site helped me focus a little, thanks. It’s on order and I will send a picture once it’s installed!

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And what did I do about the runner rug in our front hallway?  Your votes and comments reflected my own indecision: the colors are great, but it might be a bit on the short side.  61% of you recommended keeping it while 38% suggested I send it back. It was a hard choice, but what clinched it for me was this: after I put the rug in the closet for a few days I realized that I was missing it. True, it would be even better if it was longer, but the colors make me happy.

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Perhaps the shortness of the rug is emphasized by the relative emptiness of the entryway space next to the front door. I’ve started thinking that a bench might look nice under the mirror. Maybe soft and upholstered like this…
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or maybe I’ll luck out and find a fabulous bench like this to paint a great color. Do you sense a waffle coming on? You are wise.

Layla Grace, Somerset Bay Bench, Bench, Painted bench, hallway, entryway, design dilemma, interior decor

In boot news, the Melissa Button Boots were the clear winner in Chessie’s riding boot waffle with 55% of the vote.  Chessie loves them, too. She writes, I chose the Melissa Buttons based on a few things…the Frye boot rep, the rave reviews on zappos, etc., and most importantly the cognac color and the style most closely resemble the boots I am trying to replace. I just really like their look and vibe. I was actually at the SOWA market in the South End yesterday and saw a woman wearing them. They immediately caught my eye, and then I realized that they were the Melissa Button. That confirmed it for me! 😉 They only thing keeping me back is the price, but I am coming around.

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As for Friday’s fantasy waffle about your preference for an ocean or mountain view, it was no contest. 73% wanted an ocean view from your dream house, while 27% of you wished for a mountain view. One of the perks of living in the northwest is that we often get to see water and mountains together — at least when it’s sunny — as seen below in the picture of Mount Rainer.

Mount Rainer and Lake Washington

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