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I have a thing for cardigan sweaters, especially black cardigan sweaters. Dress it up, dress it down, perfect for Seattle’s on-again, off-again relationship with the sun, the black cardigan is the workhorse of sweaters. My current black cardigan is a few years old and it’s looking a little sad. Here I am wearing it:

But I’m actually not in the market for another black cardigan. This fall I want something a little more lively, a little less plain Jane.

The model looks terrific in this wrap cardigan, but I wonder if it’s hard to pull off in reality.  

Now this Hoodie Cable Cardigan comes in a color my mother calls a “Molly color.” Something about this shade of blue just makes me happy.  But I’m trying to step out of the box here and try something new.

Nope. Too far out of the box.

I like the simple lines of this heathered bomber cardigan. I know gray is not exactly living on the edge,  but at least it’s not black.

I don’t have any clothes with the word “cropped” in them, so this Favourite Cropped Cardigan in Rosy Melange would be new for me — the color, too.

Favorite Cropped Cardigan, PInk Melange, BodenUS

I have never owned anything crocheted, but I find this Open-Front Crochet Cardigan appealing.

While I’m committed to breaking out of my black cardigan habit, I’m waffling about which one to try. What do YOU think?

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  1. I really like the wrap cardigan in theory but they aren’t great in reality as I find that I am constantly readjusting it and/or my kid likes to grab the “tails.” The open front crochet cardigan is great but it says summer to me so maybe not a year-round go to like a black cardigan?

    • Exactly — all that extra material in the wrap cardigan makes me nervous. I’ve been wondering if the crotchet cardigan would look good over a long-sleeved t-shirt to make it warmer. Probably not…

  2. I have on a white sweater cardigan today. Mine is old and trusty, too. I really love the last one. It looks modern enough to be cute, yet not too crazy to not be versatile.

  3. Like the photo of you in your standby black. This weekend at the beach my friends went shopping with me as my advisors. Their only rule was “No Black!”

  4. The hoodie is a tad old-ladyish. The gray bomber and the open crochet would look great on you!

  5. The last one is my favorite by far, but it’s in my total wheelhouse–long and flowing. I could see it easily with jeans and boots.