Today’s no-waffle: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Today is a no-waffle day. A no-waffle is a no-brainer — something that’s so good there is no need to waffle about it. Today’s no-waffle is Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

When she was about two, my daughter fell in love with drawing.  Give her a box of crayons and she was content.  Bring a package of markers and some paper and going out to eat was a breeze. Yes, Tessa drew in coloring books, on cardboard boxes, and (you knew it was coming) the walls of our not-even-six-month-old house.  And what did I do when I saw the purple and blue crayon stretching from one wall of our family room to another?  I did not take three big breaths or count to ten or go to my happy-place.  Instead, I screamed.  Loudly.

Then I calmed down, comforted my daughter, and grabbed a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I ran it under water, squeezed it out a bit, rubbed the walls lightly (rubbing too hard can take the paint off) and poof! The marker was gone.  Gone! I swear, the whole experience was a commercial. Can’t you see it? Cute daughter grins impishly when mom in sweater-set catches her drawing on the wall.  “I used to get upset when things like this happened,” the mom says cheerfully to the camera. “But with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, tough dirt and grime and even Kayla’s marker are a breeze to get out.”  But you know what?  I would be in that cheesy commercial in a heartbeat because Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is that good.  Really.

Here are some additional things I’ve used the Magic Eraser to clean:  gross orange soap scum, sneakers, toys, door handles, light switch plates, scuff marks on the wall, marker on wood floor, inside of the refrigerator, patio furniture, printer cartridge ink off my hands, the inside of my car, did I mention gross orange soap scum?

Have you ever used the Magic Eraser?  Did it knock your socks off or were you only mildly impressed?

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Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to promote this product, I just wanted to share something I buy without waffling about it first.

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  1. I love it, but be careful about its use. Just last weekend my sister in law (trying to be helpful) wiped down our wood dining room table with a magic eraser after dinner. Not good! Luckily we were able to rehab the table with some wood oil…

    • You’re right to warn about being cautious. Similarly, don’t scrub too hard on the walls or it can take the paint off. I’m glad the wood oil worked.