Today’s no-waffle: Fage Greek Yogurt

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Note: Mondays are going to be No-waffle day — something so great that even I don’t waffle about it.

Do you ever buy food at the supermarket because you tell yourself you really should eat it, rather than because you actually want to eat it?  Oh, cottage cheese, I’ll eat it for lunch this week and lose weight!  Kale is so healthy — I’ll just cut it up and whip up a batch of soup.  Yep, I’ve “shoulded” myself into buying many an item that ends up sitting in my refrigerator, glaring at me in uneaten disdain.

Most yogurt I buy ends up with the same sad fate.  A few months ago, however, my husband brought home a few containers of Fage yogurt. “I read some good reviews of this yogurt,” he said.  “You should try it.”  Being the glass half-empty gal that I am, I didn’t give him a big hug and thank him for buying something he thought I would enjoy.  Instead, I focused on the oddness of him reading a review about….yogurt.

But guess what, I tried Fage  yogurt and it’s delicious.  Fage is one of the many Greek yogurts which are all the rage right now. Because Greek yogurt is strained to remove most of the watery whey, it has an incredibly thick and firm consistency.  It’s also extremely creamy and quite sweet when you add the mini container of fruit — yet the lowfat, total 2% version has only 150 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.  Score!  And with 20 grams of protein it’s definitely more filling than most unstrained yogurts.

I’m not as thrilled with the taste of the Fage non-fat version, though I do like that it has 120 calories.  It’s just a little too sour, a little too yogurty for me.    Adding granola and some fruit from my fridge balanced out the flavor and made it much yummier, but I still prefer the 2%. In fact, I actually look forward to eating this “should” food — now if I could just get the kale to stop mocking me…

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Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to promote this product, I just wanted to share something I buy without waffling about it first.

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  1. I can’t eat yogurt any more, because of my dairy issue. 😦

    But I can tell you that I love your snappy writing!!

  2. I think I have only had the 0%, but I thought it was TOO thick…almost like paste. There are other, slightly less dense Greek yogurts that I like a lot better. I like the mix it yourself element, so you can get exactly the right balance of jaammy stuff:yogurt.

  3. We have a Fage dispenser here at the office…and I have never tried it. Molly, you inspire me to actually give it a go, though, since you have the same general yogurt dread that I do! (Quiz: do you know how to say “Fage.”)

    • A Fage dispenser? Awesome. The container says to pronounce it Fa-yeh, though that still doesn’t mean I would say it correctly.