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What do you get when you combine someone who has trouble making decisions with someone who dislikes spending money (but who loves pretty, well-made things)? Well, you get someone like me, a person who takes a very, very long time to decide what kind of furniture to buy.

Take our front hallway. This is what it looked like when we first moved in. And a year later. And two years later. It was a great racetrack for my kids, but the style was…minimalist.

Here’s what the hallway looked like from the door. Not super welcoming.

After much waffling, I finally bought a narrow, green console table when it went on sale and added a few pictures and a vase of dried yellow billy buttons. But the space still felt like it could be warmed up a bit.

Since choosing paint colors gives me a case of the hives, I thought a runner rug might do the trick. Yes, that sounds so easy and sensible. Just choose a rug. No problem. Yes, it took only a year of waffling for me to decide on this runner from The Company Store. Getting free shipping and a 20% off postcard in the mail helped me take the plunge.

I love the soft pile underfoot, and the colors work well with the green console. On the other hand, it’s the very first thing you see when walking into our house. The colors are nice, but are they too bright? Is the rug too wide? I have this irrational fear when I see a new item in my house that it looks disproportionately large and bright. Is it too circus-y? I ask myself. You know, circusy. Like it belongs in the circus. It could be a word…

What do YOU think? Keep or return?

What are you having a hard time deciding between these days? Whatever your waffle is, click on the button below to describe your dilemma and get help.

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  1. I like the word circusy. We should get that put in the dictionary.

  2. Love the colors of the rug but ditto on the length comment. Have you checked out flor carpet tiles? You might be able to achieve the look you want and the length.

    Loving the blog and wishing it was around when my husband and I were buying our couch. We picked out the model immediately and then waffled on colors for months….

    • Thanks, Thai-An! Couches are a pain. When you’re looking at a small fabric swatch it’s so hard to envision what it will look like on a much larger scale. After months of staring at swatches, I chose blue velvet for my first ever couch purchase. Big, big mistake.

  3. I’ll go with bold/bigger accesorieson the table. Plus bigger photos/one photo instead. I think she’s too ‘carefull’.
    Rug is okay – color is very good. I agree with the comment that it should run longer.
    Also, need to dress up the other wall as well.
    I noticed there is a space right next to the entryway door – consider to put a bench and a mirror on top.

    • Good idea about bigger accessories on the table. I’ve been looking for a great bench for right next to the door, but so far I haven’t found anything I love (that’s also the right size), so I’m not even waffling about it!

  4. I like the rug a lot, but I think you could add even more color and depth to the hall. Agree that the rug could be longer, also more wall art. I also love your house in general!

  5. Hi Molly. I like the rug. I also think it could help you pick a paint color for one of your walls. Just match the color of one of the stripes. Lime green? Yum. Or red? I love red for a small wall. So warm and dramatic. Cheers. Cousin Liza. And I’m so glad you are blogging!

  6. I voted return since I think it needs to be longer!

  7. The rug really warms up the entry, brings out the green tint in the walls and connects with the blue rug in the family room. love it!

    • I also love the happy colors in the rug. I’m impressed by how you see the green tint in the white — you’ll have to weigh in when it comes time to paint the basement.

  8. Cheerful and fun. Why not have fun in a hallway?