Monica’s waffle: dining room chandelier

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Monica and her family are almost done renovating the dining room in their 1950s home.  Here’s how it looked before the reno:

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Monica replaced the large picture window and narrow door with an anodized aluminum triple slider and installed a matching anodized window.

Monica writes, We got rid of fussy moldings, so that everything has clean, modern lines. We painted the ceiling a dark color that is similar to the dark bronze of the windows, and wrapped that color to the slider wall, so that the view is the focus.

Modern dining room

Now it’s time to tackle the lighting issue.  Monica explains, The challenge with finding the right fixture is that we don’t want to block the view too much, and we don’t have very tall ceilings. She is waffling between 7 great options.

Let’s look at the contenders.  First up is a chandelier from Bocci’s 14 series:

Next is another by Bocci, from their 28 series:

Monica’s next three choices are from Design within Reach. The Random Light:

The Giogali Hugger Chandelier:

And the Logico Triple Linear Suspension Lamp:

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Monica’s final two choices are by Moooi. The Raimond Lamp:

and the Light Shade Shade 95:

Monica has some incredible choices.

Which chandelier do YOU think works best in the space? Click on one of the circles and then press vote at the bottom of the poll.

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3 responses

  1. Really can’t go wrong with any of those choices (at least in theory), but my choice is the random light.

  2. Love the concept behind this site! I picked 14.4 Bocci but wish they shared photos of what they looked like when they were on at night. Love the idea of picking up the round shape with some round pieces on the table, like a vase or tea light holders